New Projects in Lewiston Create Bright Future for Residents


Growth was the theme of the day for Lewiston, according to Mayor Jim Kleeburg at the Annual State of the Valley Luncheon on Wednesday.

City officials from both Lewiston and Clarkston attended the luncheon where both Lewiston Mayor Kleeburg and Clarkston Mayor Monika Lawrence addressed the state of their respective cities.

In Lewiston, Mayor Kleeburg pointed out to the recent completion of the 2nd floor of the library where the city council will now hold their meetings.

At the end of the month, the new roundabout will open at 14th St and Powers Ave which should alleviate some of the traffic for the next 20 to 30 years.

Residents will be very happy about the construction of a sanitary sewer line that will bring services all the way to 23rd St and Powers Ave, the mayor said.

All of these various projects brings growth to Lewiston that he says he hasn't seen during his time here.

"Along with the expansion of that sanitary sewer, the new high school, new career technical center with LCSC. I don't want us to grow like the treasure valley, you know accelerated growth of 4 or 5%, but I can see that we will probably be experiencing more than the 0.7 or 0.1% that we've been experiencing since I moved here in 1985," he said.

Although the growth doesn't come without challenges, Mayor Kleeburg believes the city is equipped with the resources and spirit to make it happen.

He said one of the biggest factors in his growth prediction is the construction of a new high school in the orchards which he called a "big win" for the city.

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