New security system installed at Clarkston’s Highland Elementary

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Safety and security at schools is a top priority for schools here in the LC Valley and across the country.

Highland Elementary School is different from most other schools in our area. Its campus is more open than most and it has numerous exits. And because of that, the school has installed a new system that’s both easy for student use, and keeps them safe from intruders.

"We've tried to get a little bit more secure every year,” Principal Angela Baldus explained.

And that’s exactly what these card readers have done for Highland Elementary School, installed just last November.

"If you've been around this campus, we have units, four different units, and office unit, and a gymnasium, so there's lots and lots of entrances, I can't even tell you the number of entrances on our campus, but I'd guess there's 40 plus entrances."

The new system is a simple key pad with a card reader, and it’s very simple to use.

All this new system takes is this key held up to a key pad. But without it, these doors are closed shut, and nobody can get inside.

"It's our job to keep it safe, and it's their job to help keep it safe. And I just know if our buildings are locked, that they're safe and secure and kids can be learning and not worried about outside threats."

The system is also built specifically for students to be able to use it and it works like a hall pass – if you will.

"It makes it feasible to keep the doors locked and still let our kids move around campus,” said Baldus.

And now, kids are able to get where they need to safely, and without trouble.

"You have a couple of seconds to open the door and then it relocks."

Principal Baldus says since its installation, the system not only brings a better sense of security, but has also brought a piece of mind to the staff.

"Safety is our utmost importance. We always say we're keeping them safe and making sure they're learning, but we also say if you're not safe, you can't be learning, so of course it's top priority."

Principal Baldus said that Highland Elementary also plans on adding the keypad security system to the gym and the rest of the office soon.

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