Nuxoll Murder Trial Day 3, Victim’s brother takes the stand

David Cramer's brother, Ron "Rusty" Cramer

Day three of the prosecution’s case against accused murderer Patrick Nuxoll.

The jury heard from Rusty Cramer, the victim’s brother. He testified that he showed up to the crime scene not knowing his brother was dead. He was there to pick him up for work.

Prosecutors allege Nuxoll killed David Cramer, and stabbed him multiple times in May of 2015.

The defense argues someone else did it.

Cramer is a witness for the state.

“Do you testify that you love your brother.”

“Yes, I love my brother.”

“Did you kill your brother?”

“No I did not.”

The trial is taking place in Latah County after an impartial jury could not be seated in Nez Perce County.

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