"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" Could Save you Holiday Headache


Out of sight, out of mind. It's a simple phrase that could be the difference between a happy holiday and a big headache.

It's that time of year where shoppers are filling up parking lots - and thieves are also doing some shopping of their own.

Lt. Joedy Mundell says, "More often than not what they're doing is they walk through a parking lot or they'll walk down the road and they'll look into windows and if they see something that attracts them, grab the door and see if it's unlocked."

That's why Lewiston police want you to remember "out of sight, out of mind."

Lt. Mundell says, "One of the most common things as far as theft is for people to leave packages and things unattended in their vehicles."

From packages and purses, to spare change, thieves will grab whatever they can. And most of the time those vehicles are easy to get into.

Lt. Mundells explains, "Occasionally people will also break windows and force entry if they can see something they want bad enough inside."

Lieutenant Mundell says the safest thing you can do is to just take away the opportunity for theives to take your gifts or your hard-earned money, by placing it in the trunk or somewhere where it's out of view.

The best thing you can do? Remove the chance of a break-in completely.

"Ideally, get what you're buying and take it home and place it somewhere safe, " Lt. Mundell advises.

And if you think this just happens at shopping centers, think again. Lewiston police report most thefts from parked cars occur in residential neighborhoods.

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