Package thief caught in the act in Lewiston neighborhood


Normally a peaceful quiet neighborhood, residents on Skyline Drive really don't see any crime.

On Monday afternoon, one neighbor who wants to remain anonymous saw something out of the ordinary.

“He saw somebody cruise by very slowly got his suspicion up. that same vehicle that cruised here slow went up on our upper road, let out a lady walked down the driveway grabbed the package and walked up this way," said Gary Parkinson.

Parkinson knows what he's talking about because that package belonged to him.

His neighbor told him he reported the theft to police, but that's not all.

“He just walked out of his place and intercepted her and said “we've already called the police by the way but I'd like Gary's package back.” She said, 'oh what package.' He said, 'the one under your coat' and she handed it to him,” Parkinson said.

The neighbor then watched her get back into the black pick-up truck and drive away.

As for Gary, he says this is an example of what neighbors do for each other.

"It's nice to have someone looking over, just like I’m looking over my neighbor right now cause they're not back until later today... we take the mail in for them. I just carried in a UPS package in for her 3 or 4 days ago and put it in the house."

He's just grateful that someone was looking out for him.

“I’d just thank him a hundred billion times for looking out after my place," said Gary.

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