Palouse Prairie Students "Kind-alize" in Lapwai


Palouse Prairie Charter School students spread kindness during EL Education's "Better World Day." Their kindness made it all the way to Lapwai.

Fourth graders visited Lapwai's senior center and left behind rocks and letters with kind messages, then helped out in the community garden.

The students also used their visit to learn about Nimiipuu culture, hearing from presenters and getting to touch a dugout canoe Lapwai students are working on.

The charter school students hope their random acts will be found and inspire even more kindness to spread; they even came up with a name for the hidden bits of positivity.

"Kind-alizing," says Isabelle. "It's like vandalizing but in a kind way. Kindness vandalizing." Max adds, "It's scientifically proven that you get happier when you're nice and kind around other people."

"I think the chain reaction of kindness will keep going," Solvei says.

That chain reaction was on display when the students gifted Lapwai artist A.K. Scott with art supplies and were treated to a song in return.

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