Palouse Proactive holding rally to show support for immigrants, refugees

Since President Donald Trump signed his executive order Friday temporarily banning travel from seven countries, all across the nation, people have protested at airports, in city streets, and at our nation’s capital. But here on the Palouse one group is working to show support for all members of the community.

“Both Muslims who might be affected by this ban and for the rest of the community who is concerned and wants to find a way to speak out,” said Becky Dueben, Palouse Proactive organizer.

Becky Dueben is with Palouse Proactive. They’re hosting a rally in Moscow on Saturday along with Iranian students from the University of Idaho and Washington State University.

She says people should care about this issue because it affects all of us.

“We hope to have people speak not only of their own personal experience, what it's like to face this ban, but also people of the community,” said Dueben.

Dueben said the president’s executive order is concerning. Her family immigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1947 surviving the Nazi’s.

“Coming here and hearing about sudden bans like this makes me very concerned, not only that it can happen to non-citizens, but that it might very well happen to citizens as well,” said Dueben.

The rally will take place from 1:00 to 3:00p.m. this Saturday at the East City Park in Moscow.

There will be various speakers at the event and Palouse Proactive want to make sure everyone knows all members of the community are welcome.

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