Parents of missing man in Idaho County hoping for clues


Search and rescue crews have been searching for 27-year-old Terrence Woods from the ground and sky every day since Saturday. Terrence Woods' parents were in the area as well, trying to dig for as much information as possible.

When Terrence and Valerie Woods received the call that their son went missing, they got on a plane and flew across the country from Maryland. They spoke with both the sheriff's office and the production crew, and they believe something was off from the beginning.

"Terrence was supposed to be working with this crew up until the middle of November. He had texted me and his dad apparently a couple days before he went missing and said that he would be coming home. He would be cutting the trip short and he would be coming home," says Valerie Woods, Terrence’s mother.

Terrence was reported missing around 5:30 in the evening October 5th. The 27-year-old was a production assistant, helping film a documentary on Penman Mine for a British TV show called Whitewater.

"He's been all over and he came home. He's been to Morocco and he came home. He has never once cut any of his trips short in the history of his travelling," says Valerie Woods.

His parents says there's only one reason Terrence would run off in the woods and not come home.

"He's scared, someone was bullying him. He was fearful. There was something going wrong and he felt he couldn't deal with it, and he wanted to leave. He couldn't feel safe."

Both of Terrence's parents sat down with Idaho County sheriff's office officials, as well as the production crew who last saw their son. The production crew told Terrence's father what they allegedly saw happen at the scene..

"They thought he fell off a cliff, but by the time he got over there, my son was 15 feet down the cliff, running like a hare. So I said what do you mean running like a hare? He said he run so fast I ain't never seen nobody run that fast," says Terrence Woods Sr.

It's been close to a week now, and authorities are still searching, and Terrence and Valerie aren't giving up hope that their son will be found.

"You can't get lost out there because if you get lost out there, you're going to run into a road or houses. So he didn't just poof, vanish and disappear. No, he made it to that road, someone picked him up."

It's been a rough week for the Woods family. They say they’re just trying to stay strong.

"It's one thing when you get a phone call, your son had an accident. You have to deal with that, but at least your son's going home with you. It's another thing [when] your child is quote unquote missing."

Valerie and Terrence woods say the Idaho County Sheriff's Office is doing everything they can to try to find Terrence in the back country.

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