Patrick Nuxoll Guilty the Closing Arguments


LATAH COUNTY, ID-It took the jury just about four hours to come to this decision.

Patrick Nuxoll did not show any emotion when the verdict was read.

He's been on trial since last Monday.

Despite his defense that someone else did it the jury believed the evidence was there to prove that he killed his friend David Cramer in May of 2015.

Earlier this morning, the prosecution and Nuxoll’s attorney gave closing arguments.

First degree murder defendant Patrick Nuxoll sat back in his chair during closing arguments Wednesday morning, just seven days after his trial began.

"Two-hundred and thirty one decisions to kill at any point the defendant could have stopped but he choose not to he choose to continue with murder and finally kill Dave Cramer," said Prosecutor April Smith.

Nez Perce County Prosecutor April Smith gave the jury two theories for first degree murder, pre-meditation or torture.

Smith argued, the number and types of injuries prove beyond a reasonable doubt it could be either.

The defense claims someone else did.

"You heard no evidence that Patrick Nuxoll's finger prints or DNA were on any of those items," said defense attorney Rick Cuddihiy.

With no evidence on any of the four murder weapons defense attorney Rick Cuddihiy says Lewiston Police ignored critical evidence that could proven someone else was there.

An example foreign DNA found on a chair and drinking glass police did not collect along with a black cloth item in the back yard

"And use your common sense in the morning dew are footprints walking through that gate," said Cuddihiy.

The state reminded the jury that this unknown person would have had to place Nuxoll's bloody hand print on the wall, know where the weapons were to only open one drawer in the kitchen and dry Nuxoll's hands on paper towels because the blood was already dry by the time the 911 call came in.

"The defendants sequence of events do not match the evidence," said Smith.

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