Personal trainer’s advice for staying motivated

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A new year means new resolutions to live by, and one of the most popular across the country, is going to the gym. But after a month of sticking around, many decide working out just isn’t for them.

The new year brings in new faces to gyms across the country, and the number of new faces at Anytime Fitness in Moscow is no different. “Definitely a lot, we get a lot busier, but it usually only lasts for a month,” said Teresa Taylor, Anytime Fitness.

Many give up ono their New Year’s resolution after a short time, with many citing a lack of motivation. But Teresa Taylor has some ways to keep excited about working out.

“Seeing a personal trainer is huge because it helps you stay motivated, it pushes you further than you could ever go, and it helps you show up,” she explained. “Also having a friend to work out with is really important.”

She also says writing your workouts in a notebook and telling others are also both great ways to stay motivated. She says to fight through the aches and soreness of working out; remembering why you’re going to the gym is important.

“Sticking with a routine is an important thing for your health all the way around. It’s not just for your physical health, but for your mental well-being, your spirit, your mental state of how you think about yourself.”

Anytime Fitness in Moscow suits folks who are looking for any kind of workout at all hours of the day. “We’re open 24 hours a day, so it kind of makes it easier for people to show up and we have a lot of cardio here.”

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