Pilots’ land on taxiway at Moscow Pullman Airport

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A 17-year veteran pilot for Horizon Air has been temporarily removed from flight status after he failed to land on the runway, but instead landed on a taxiway at the Moscow Pullman Regional Airport.

Flight 2184 was on a one-hour trip from Seattle when it attempted to land around 6:20PM pacific time. Three miles from the airport, the crew positioned the aircraft for landing and attempted to activate the remote controlled runway lights, but the runway lights were not functioning. The flight crew was not informed of the status of the runway lights, and misidentified a taxiway as the runway.

Alaska Airlines issued a statement to KLEW News saying the plane was safely landed, the plane taxied to the terminal, and the passengers deplaned. The airline also said, “The pilots of the aircraft have been temporarily removed from flight status while the landing is being internally investigated.”

The flight had 38 passengers and four crew members on board. Nobody was hurt. Airport Executive Director, Tony Bean, said the cause of the problem was a breach in electrical wiring. Snow and water on the ground seeped into the breach, and rendered the lights useless for the next 16 hours. The lights were fixed the next day, and the airport does not expect future problems.

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