Police investigate Pullman apartment stabbing

pulllman stabbing pkg.jpg

This apartment complex was the scene of a stabbing. Police are still trying to find out why and waiting for witnesses to come forward.

The first call came in around 8pm Friday of man walking away from Willow Peak apartments.

Commander Tennant of Pullman police said," ten to twelve guys had been arguing for most of the day kind of pushy shoving kind of fighting around and they just saw someone get loaded up in a car and another guy walk away with what appeared to be a bloody knife."

The next call about a stab victim outside of a closed WSU Health and Wellness Center. According to police he was taken there by group they are now investigating.

"We provided the gentlemen first aid he had a knife wound to the chest into the lung non-life threatening but quite a bit painful when that lung collapses,” Tennant said.

Over a dozen witnesses but none of them are willing to come forward. Not even the victim, a 19-year-old Seattle resident is cooperating. Police say the details he did give aren’t adding up .

Tennant said witnesses are, “refusing to even identify themselves under some circumstances, again they don't know nothing about nothing."

The victim is not a WSU student student. If you have any information contact the Pullman Police Department.

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