Possible electric buses coming to Pullman


The Washington State Legislation deadline to start transitioning local bus fleets to electric or bio diesel fuel is this month.

Although the City of Pullman has had 8 years notice they are just now getting started.

Kevin Gardes, Pullman Public Works Director, told KLEW they've been strategically waiting for advancements in the technology, battery life to expand and more manufacturers so the price would lower.

But this will still be an expensive undertaking.

"Total cost would be about $750,000 up front we would be eligible for an 80/20 grant which 80% is grant funded 20% would be city so that’s typically how we replace buses," said Gardes.

The 80/20 grant will also assist with purchasing 6 to 8 charging stations priced around $250,000.

If the grant is approved, we could see this electric bus in about a year.

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