PotlatchDeltic Corp. announces Burn Ban on its Idaho Property


A reminder of how dry it is out there. This is footage from a house in Potlatch that broke out last Wednesday. Despite firefighters’ efforts to put out the hot spots, it was still burning the next day.

Beginning Friday August 3, the PotlatchDeltic Corporation placed a burn ban on all properties with timber.

This extremely dry conditions allowed this fire to burn an area the size of a football field. A bird fell onto the ground after being electrocuted on a pole and started the fire.

Potlatch Rural Fire Chief said last week about what kinds of fires he sees in this area.

"Most generally it’s brush fires, a little bit of timber fires, we usually don't get that many barns or houses or anything,” Potlatch Rural Fire Dist. Chief Gary Nagle.

No campfires or open burning will be allowed on their property in the state of Idaho.

Potlatch Corporation said the ban will remain in effect until conditions improve.

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