POTW Yoda's Second Chance at Life


When he was brought to Helping Hands, this kitty was in starvation. Weighing only a few ounces at four weeks old, a vet said he likely wouldn't survive the night

The ringworm on his face was so bad he looked like Yoda from Star Wars - that's how this little guy got his name.

Yoda is now a happy and healthy kitten. He's 14 weeks old and is thriving in his foster home. He enjoys playtime, but prefers to snuggle up somewhere warm for a snooze.

He'd do well in just about any home as long as he can curl up in your lap. He's growing into a very loving kitty, no doubt thankful for his second chance at life.

If you'd like to give Yoda a loving forever home, you can find adoption applications at or call (208) 743-3157.

You can also visit Helping Hands at adoption day, every Saturday from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. at Petco.

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