Proposed Anatone Cell Tower Receives Poor Reception from Some Residents


The Grider Lane area of Anatone is quiet. Remote. Private. Which is why many residents chose to live here. But now some feel their quiet way of life is on the line.

Chairman Mark Rudd says, "Conditional use permit 1720 for Weis Towers."

Weis Towers and Inland Cellular are looking to buy a triangle of land from one of those residents in order to put up a new $250,000 communicatons tower. At Tuesday's meeting, they were looking for an O.K. on their plan. The aim is to provide better cell coverage in this mountainous region.

Chip Damato says, "This is a good thing for the community. Property values actually go up because people looking to buy want some sort of communication."

Shannon Moudy says, "The proposed tower would be built on a 5-acre piece of land at the end of this private road. At no more than 299 feet tall, it would look something like this. But already - poor reception from some residents here."

Jain Scheuerman says, "They're going to have to stare at a cellphone tower like they're in town. That's not why we bought that."

Ray Scheuerman says, "Mr. Zillich drives down into the canyon to his cabin, he don't come on top where we are and see it. He's never gonna see it!."

Other members of the packed room were in favor, including members of nearby fire departments. Emergency response was one of the main arguments for the tower.

One Clarkston resident who frequently travels the rural roads says, "I would dearly love to have better cell coverage over there. I've come upon wrecks down there where there's no phone service."

In the end the needs of the many outweighed aesthetic appeal; the commission voted 5-1 to push the application forward to county commissioners, who will have the final say

That meeting is not scheduled, but the public is encouraged to attend if they want the opportunity to speak.

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