Pullman: # 3 Memorial Fund's Latest Project


Tyler Hilinski took his life on January 16th and Pullman was in dismay.

“We heard the news and we were just in shock, and we didn’t know quite what to make out of it.”

But the very next morning Shelley Calissendorff took action and started the #3 Memorial Fund because this matter was personal.

“I know what it’s like to have suicidal thoughts I lived through those and I know what the stigma is like I know how much ignorance and discrimination there is and prejudice that there is,” Calissendorff said.

With the help of friends who are also local business owners they held their first event in February, Dine Out for # 3 and raised $5,000.

“Based on the money we raised with Dine Out for # 3 we realized we could easily afford to order 10 thousand coasters,” Calissendorff said.

You’ll now be able to find these coasters all over Whitman and Latah county 25 establishments and counting.

“People who are drinking alcohol it’s naturally a downer and it would increase thoughts of suicide if someone were already feeling that way and to get this number in front of them when they were feeling that would really just be a community service that we could do for that person,” Tawny Szumlas Rico’s Owner said.

Moving forward they will be giving away refrigerator magnets that resemble the grey side of the coaster at Washington State University orientation sessions, all campus picnic and University of Idaho Palousefest.

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