Pullman Annual Crime Report


In Pullman crime is down 22 percent.

Violent crimes, which includes murder, rape, and kidnapping were down in 2017. From 281 cases in 2016 to 201.

Property crimes, like burglary, vandalism and vehicle theft for example, also decreased from more than 1,100 to 882 in 2017.

But when it comes to drugs, the numbers speak for themselves.

Compared to 2016 the Quad Cities Drug Task Force seized more than double the amount of methamphetamine in 2017 from the areas it investigates.

Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins said, "with regard to methamphetamines I think part of that issue is that years ago we saw a lot of the methamphetamines producers and distributors put in prison and those people are getting out of prison now.”

The amount of heroin taken off the streets by the task force is also on the rise and cocaine seizure has more than tripled.

"I think that's driven by price I think the price of that has gone down in comparison to some of the other drugs and also availability whatever is available in the region,” said Jenkins.

Because officers make contact with drug users frequently they now carry an opioid inhibitor to combat overdoses.

Chief Jenkins adds that overall calls for service have increased.

Within overall calls for service the largest are parking complaints and traffic crashes.

"I think this is trending up because of the trend we are seeing at the university with increasing university staff and students and not increasing parking," said Jenkins,

Looking forward to 2018 Jenkins predicts another low overall crime year.

"I think it will be more like 2017 more of a normal year, we haven't seen any big spikes in any particular crime reporting so far this year so far it look like a relatively average year," he said.

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