Pullman Bus Stop Re Design


The bus stop shelter in front of Safeway was supposed to be redone in 2016. At least that stop has a shelter while many others just have a bench, a few seats or nothing at all.

Pullman City Transit realized that some of their bus stops are a little bleak, two years later and still nothing.

So what's taking so long for the city to act?

The answer: money.

"The funding is unique it's privately funded we've asked for $5,000 for materials and equipment rental. WSU students and staff will be doing the work,” said Wayne Thompson Transit Supervisor.

The project isn't funded by taxpayers but by donations.

In April 2017, a Go Fund Me page was started. To date, only $375.00 has been raised

"It's been slow getting the exposure out for what we are trying to do the funding is unique," said Thompson.

The City of Pullman partnered with Washington State University students and faculty for the Rolling Hills of the Palouse design.

Pullman City Council and the Pullman Arts Commission agreed to move forward.

But lack of funds has put the brakes on this project, unless residents step up.

"This can be done through creative fundraising through students doing some public service and we've let it go at that,” said Thompson.

One of those creative fundraising efforts is advertising on busses.

But with downtown Pullman going through a lot of facelifts, it's unknown if the bus stops will be at the top of the list or if the project continue to lag on.

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