Pullman Crime Mapping App


Here on Pullman's crime map you can see what kinds of crimes police are investigating, where and when they happened and how many.

"We thinks it's a good way to do business, a good way for us to work with the community and again maintain a safe community in Pullman, “Police Chief Gary Jenkins said.

To locate the software, go online to the City of Pullman website. Next click on departments, scroll down until you find Police. Once on the Police page on the right hand side at the bottom you will see Crime Mapping. Once on the page click the link at the bottom. You can even sign up for notifications.

"They can create an alert so if they want to be alerted to any particular type of incident near a certain location they can create an alert and it will be sent to them when the incident is posted, “Jenkins said.

The number correspond with how many incidents were in the area. If you hover over the number, it will show you what types of incident. Each incident has an icon associated with it. Click the icon for more information. This program came at a very low cost to you the taxpayer.

"There was a onetime set-up fee of $500.00 and it's completely free after that," said Jenkins.

You can even change the map view and zoom in to see exactly where an incident took place. Or if you click on the filter button up at a top you can search based on a specific date, time or type of incident. This software is also available in an app version on the Android an iPhone.

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