Pullman Firefighter and EMT wins American Legion Washington State Paramedic of the Year


After four years in the Marine Core Jerid Hilderbrand returned home and started volunteering at Asotin County and thought he found his passion in firefighting but on a call about a four-year-old girl in a four wheeler accident he just couldn’t leave her side

“Her mom got there and gave me a big hug and I was like you know what this is me I absolutely can do this so the rest is history,” said Hilderbrand.

It’s that type of mentality that lead Chief Heston to nominate him Pullman City’s American Legion Paramedic of the Year.

“He was on a call and it was an elderly person that kinda feel and they helped them get back on their feet and they were having trouble helping themselves set up food and those kinds of things so they took the time to prepare a meal for this person,”said Heston.

The Pullman win lead to the American Legion Washington State Paramedic of the Year.

While the award is great Hilderbrand says the real reward is just doing his job on a daily basis getting to interact with people.

“I enjoy working with people on this level. My grandmother she says to me why don’t you just go to medical school and I said grandma doctors don’t get to cut people out of cars,” said Hilderbrand.

The award will be given out July 20th in Spokane.

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