Pullman Fourth of July Fires


    A mere 12 hours apart Pullman had its largest Fourth of July fires.

    A brush fire at 10am and then a structure fire at 10pm and they believe all of these fires were likely caused by fireworks.

    A massive response at Ann and Wayne streets in Pullman Wednesday night at ten o'clock..

    Fire crews had their hands full with an apartment fire likely caused by fireworks.

    "The flames actually charred up to the eves of the roof so we were just making sure the roof wasn't on fire just checking for integrity any smoke or flames," said Pullman firefighter medic Steve Potratz-Lee.

    What started in the landscape in highly flammable juniper bushes quickly spread to the side of the building, but quick action by firefighters had it knocked down within 10 minutes.

    Earlier that day Pullman fire responded to a brush fire on Morten across from Reaney Park. The fire quickly spread up the hillside and came close to the apartment building on either side.

    According to the U.S Forest Service there's a sharp spike on the 4th of July where most fires are caused by people.

    During their fireworks patrol Pullman fire crews also responded to two smaller house fires also believed to be caused by fireworks fueled again by juniper bushes.

    "So juniper bushes have an added chemical property compared to some of the other trees you'll see around here that's just really volatile so they look green but once the ember lands in the dry under-story they really get going and start producing a lot of heat," said Potratz-Lee.

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