Pullman High School Threat: What Police and Principal had to say


Pullman high school's principal said they take everything as seriously as possible in order to keep students safe.

One of the protocols is open communication.

They sent out an email to parents then to students about the arrest and the details.

"The RCW he's been charged with is 961 160 which making a threat to injure or bomb a school facility and in that RCW even if it's a hoax that's not a defense," said Student Resource Office Scott Patrick.

The 16-year old Pullman High school student was arrested Monday morning at 1:00a.m. following an investigation.

Police say he made threats on a social media chat allegedly telling others not to go to school on Monday followed by emojis of a gun and bomb.

By roll call on Monday Principal Erik Heinz says attendance was normal.

"Students were out for various things I don't know if I could directly relate all of those to the incident but it was a pretty normal day," said Principal Erik Heinz.

Police and school officials feel fortunate that this incident got reported as quickly as it did.

They encourage everyone to do the same.

"If you see something say something, that flow of information from students to friends to parents is really critical to our mission in keeping the school safe," said Officer Patrick.

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