Pullman Parking Ticket increases


It's been more than a decade since Pullman Police has made any changes to their ticketing procedures and price. Police Chief Gary Jenkins wants Pullman to catch up with other cities.

Jenkins said, "we haven't increased some of our parking fees since the year 2000 and our downtown parking fees haven't increased in 23 years since 1995."

Pullman Police conducted a survey of other small cities like Pullman and learned that Washington and Idaho are 200% behind other small cities in parking ticket fees.

The proposal is to raise the downtown parking fee from $10 to $30.

"I'm going to propose an progressive fine structure"

For example, after a second ticket the fine would increase from $30 to $50. Then the third ticket would go up to $100.

"Then it would top out at that amount we are hoping by doing this we will achieve greater compliance, “said Jenkins.

Chief Jenkins says compliance is a problem.

Each year they issue sixteen-hundred downtown parking tickets. In 2016, Chief Jenkins said 132 cars had three or more tickets. One vehicle even had 17 tickets alone.

All of these possible ticket increases will be proposed at the Pullman City Council meeting on April 17th.

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