Pullman Police Caution Public of High Volume Traffic at Intersections


It’s been two weeks since the start of school for the Pullman district which means a change in traffic.

Going from summer to the start of school for the university and public schools Pullman Police tells us drivers need to get use to all kinds of increased traffic.

“We see an increase in traffic an increase in foot traffic, bicycle traffic and I think it takes people a little time to get re-oriented and be aware of their surroundings,” said School Resource Officer Scott Patrick.

If you are driving Officer Patrick says pay attention to all intersections but these ones in particular.

“The middle school at Crestview and Spring Street particularly at the high school here probably Greyhound Way and the intersection by the aquatic center because it’s a four way stop with foot traffic and bicycle traffic.”

If you’re driving your younger kids to school remember in the state of Washington children under the age of thirteen aren’t allowed to sit in the front seat and for younger kids.

“Within certain guidelines have to be in a car seat depending upon age and size of child either a rear facing car seat or a front facing car seat or a booster seat, “said Patrick

These aren’t just guidelines but laws the Pullman Police Department is enforcing.

“We have officers typically in the mornings in school zones monitoring traffic looking for compliance with seat belt and car seat issues as well as using mobile devices,” said Patrick.

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