Pullman Police concludes internal investigation into Hargraves incident

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    PULLMAN, WA- Pullman Police Sergeant Dan Hargraves resigned from the Pullman Police Department after being arrested on accusations of sexual misconduct with a WSU student.

    "It looks like we have the right policies in place but sometimes it comes down to having a certain level of trust in your employees and in this case Dan Hargraves violated that trust,” Chief Gary Jenkins said.

    On Monday November 26th, Sergeant Dan Hargraves resigned, a day before he was set to make a statement for the Pullman Police Department's internal investigation.

    "Complete the internal investigating without Sergeant Hargraves statement and we've concluded that as a result of the evidence that's available to us that he did violate a number of police department policies," Jenkins said.

    The department will turn this information over to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

    "He is separated from service with what's called disqualifying conduct and then that will be used to move forward in a process that will ultimately likely decertify him as a police officer in Washington state," Jenkins said.

    Chief Jenkins explains if he becomes decertified that information is entered into a national database that is accessible to all law enforcement agencies across the nation.

    But what does losing a sergeant mean for the department as a whole?

    "Temporarily filled his position when he was on leave with Aaron Bershears we will now move forward to permanently fill that position and then fill in behind officer Bershears with a new officer."

    Pullman PD will be looking to hire a total of four new officers, they currently have two in the academy.

    Chief Jenkins says they are grateful that the victim came forward.

    Hargraves trial in Whitman County Court is set for January 14th.

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