Pullman Police use new drone in manhunt

drone search llvosot.jpg

A search that would've taken hours to go through the dense wooded area on Bishop Boulevard took minutes with the help of Pullman Police's new drone.

A man fled from Washington State Trooper’s after being pulled over for a seat belt infraction. They called Pullman Police to assist with the search. The drone flew through trees, over Paradise Creek and the Pearl Shopping Center on Bishop Boulevard.

Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins said, "that's been one of the first deployments we've had to look for a suspect and we're hoping to have more opportunities in the future to use it."

While authorities didn't find the suspect Pullman police chief Gary Jenkins says using the drone enabled his officers to return to patrol in just 15 minutes.

They have four drones which cost about 10-thousand dollars including batteries and extra parts.

"Definitely makes us more efficient and help make the community safer,” Jenkins said.

The department plans to use these a lot more in the future to assist with weather situations, traffic pattern tracking for football games, entering dangerous areas before sending in an officer and other scenarios.

As for this recent search, authorities know who this person is and believe it's only a matter of time until they find him.

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