Pullman State of the City Address

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Pullman has two main things they are focusing on: construction projects and improving parks and recreation areas but that's not all.

Adam Lincoln City Supervisor said, "community identity, strategic long term planning, public safety and health and livability. they wanted to pick themes that played into area where the city has development, goal and where staff can make a difference."

These are the themes Pullman city council wants to achieve.

Currently downtown Pullman renovations are at the forefront.

Mayor Glenn Johnson said, "Obviously we want to have downtown as one of the most vital communities in the entire area so Evolve on Main is one of those things right from the beginning is going to be transformational for this community."

The new apartments will have shops on the grand floor. Renovations on the boarded up Subway will begin soon, there are also plans for the Audian Theatre that have yet to be revealed. But Proposition 1&2 will focus specifically on Parks and Recreation areas.

"So ten years ago we had a bond that got a lot of things done trails and things for the parks and that bond expired so we went for another replacement bond and we have a lot of parks in that too, " said Mayor Johnson.

Things like mobile staging to be used at the Lentil Festival, Reaney Park pool improvements, two new walking paths, City Playfield dug out renovations and more.

Even today projects are already underway as the airport accepts final bids for their construction runway project.

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