Pullman Subway has award winning sandwich artist


The Pullman Subway has a sandwich artist deemed the fastest in the world.

“I'm a very competitive person just by nature I love to compete at things I love to win," said Manager Sara Tiegs.

Sara Tiegs has been working at Subway for 17 years, she’s been competing for 11 of those years,

"It kinda became my thing everybody knows Sarah goes and competes and so it's just something I enjoy doing,” said Tiegs.

Ten of those she's placed in the top 10. Last year she won first place with a time of 44 seconds.

This year she came in second with a time of 48.7 seconds.

"You have to make a foot long turkey sandwich with American cheese all the veggies except for the banana peppers, jalapenos and spinach and then just oil, salt and pepper,” said Tiegs.

There are also penalties for wrong portions or if ingredients fall out.

"For me personally the American cheese that's my biggest hold up," Sarah said.

Presentation is also judged but for Sara it’s a lot of fun.

“Now that I've been doing it for so long I don't really get nervous and I made friends from around the world."

So the next time you order a sandwich here at subway just know Sara is using it as practice for next year to reclaim her title.

“If someone orders a turkey sandwich I count to myself as I'm putting the turkey on so I Just practice each time I'm doing a turkey sandwich putting the turkey on correctly if I'm down on the veggie side I try to put the veggies on as quickly as possible try to train myself to grab the correct amount,"said Tiegs.

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