Radial N’ Rivers Fly-In Preview at Lewiston Airport

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In less than two weeks, the only air show in Lewiston will have plane enthusiasts soaring with excitement. It’s also a display for everyone to appreciate the beauty and the history of these aircraft.

We’re talking about the second annual Radial N’ Rivers Fly-In. Organizers will bring in some of the finest antique and vintage aircraft in the western United States.

This was the scene last year when the very first Radial N’ Rivers Fly-In drew thousands of residents to the west end of the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport.

Hanger 180 partnered with Hillcrest Aircraft Company. To their surprise, the turnout soared past expectations.

"Planned on a couple thousand people and I think we had closer to 7 so it was a little overwhelming but it was very rewarding also,” Gary Peters said.

Gary Peters is the founder of Hanger 180. Peters says the Radial N Rivers Fly-In isn’t like most fly-in’s because they’re hosting the “Wings of Freedom Tour” by the Collings Foundation... that’s where you’ll be able to see vintage warbirds up close and in flight.

For Hillcrest Aircraft Company President Gayle Wilson, the passion for World War II planes stems from how aviation changed his life, and his father’s history.

“In those days’ aviation was World War II airplanes, that's what they had to fly because you remember what was going on in WWII all our resources were aviation stuff was all for the war,” Wilson said.

Each aircraft carries significant history in our country’s fight for freedom. Here’s just one of them….

Peters explains, “This is a 1942 Curtis P40 that actually saw combat history in Papa New Guinea which of course for those of you who really study war in the pacific was when we really turned the war around and started our march back north so this is a real special airplane we have another P40 E model which is an earlier version of this which will be coming out of Nampa, Idaho it's not very often you see two P40 flying together flying in the world.”

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