Refurbishing new Asotin Co. Fire Dist. No.1 fire station hits snag, roof needs replaced

fire station.jpg

We begin tonight with more details on a proposal by Asotin County Fire District No.1 to increase property tax. The increase would go towards funding the construction of their new fire station.

The fire district purchased a building, which was previously a church, located about a half block away from the current station. With a $750,000 grant they plan to refurbish that building into their new station.

Chief Noel Hardin says the reuse of a previously owned building is saving taxpayers around three-million-dollars, compared to building a new station from the ground up.

This past week they did encounter one minor setback, the roof on their soon to be station has to be replaced because Chief Hardin says the membrane on the roof failed.

"And so that was a big hit financially to us, that we were not actually expecting at this time but as far as the project moving forward, we're still good to go,” said Chief Hardin.

Even with the grant they received, the fire district still needs around $250,000. To help raise that money Chief Hardin says they plan to proposed a tax increase on the ballot in November.

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