Reminder: The importance of clearing snow from sidewalks

    Not clearing your sidewalk can result in a fine.

    The City of Moscow wants to remind residents about the city code regarding snow removal.

    Residential and commercial property owners are responsible to clear snow from the sidewalks that run along their property.

    When you’re clearing your driveway be sure to continue around your home or store front.

    The city has added something new to the ordinance to help relieve some of the burden.

    "They wanted to make sure that several key routes throughout the city where accessible at all times so on those routes the city acts as a backup to make sure those routes are clear for pedestrians in a very time-efficient manner so our parks departments actually goes out and clears those priority routes,” said Tyler Palmer, City of Moscow.

    A reminder not to shovel snow into the street because it can cause large ice packs to form and make it more difficult for mail delivery.

    Code enforcement will be out notifying residents if they are not properly clearing their sidewalks.

    Homeowners who do not clear their sidewalks can result in a fine.

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