Rep. Paulette Jordan Looks Toward History-Making Governorship


As Representative Paulette Jordan narrows her sights on becoming Idaho's next governor, she's also attempting to make history.

If elected, Jordan would be the first woman to ever serve as Idaho's governor and the first Native American governor in the country.

The two-term representative spoke at Lapwai's Pi-Nee-Waus Community Center on Sunday about what her role as governor could look like.

She emphasized she wants to create a voice for underserved Idaho populations in Boise's political system. Issues affecting rural and indigenous communities, such as natural resource usage and educational concerns, are especially important to her.

"Right now it's to put the people first and it's to take on education reform and how does that look for not just the urban community in Idaho, but the rural community. We right now have a very broad world with the world wide web, so our children are not just competing with their neighbors from the next town over, they're competiting with children all across the world," Jordan explained.

Jordan will be stepping down as District 5 representative after two terms to focus on the gubernatorial race. Idaho's primary election is May 15th, where Jordan and candidate A.J. Balukoff will vie for the Democrat spot in November general election.

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