Residents of Syringa Mobile Home Park speak out at forum

syringa pic.jpg

Syringa Mobile Home Park has a history of issues and those who live at Syringa had a chance to talk about their ordeal. The Syringa trailer park has been under scrutiny for years now. Residents said they have been mistreated by the landlord and owner. Recently, they were told they had to vacate their homes by June fifth of this year but many are now still questioning what they can do, and their course of action looking forward.

“I don’t know where I’m going to go. I’m overqualified for low-income housing because of where I work,” said Syringa resident.

“You should not be moving into a place where you cannot know one day to the next whether you’re going to have water, or whether you’re going to be walking in raw sewage,” said Syringa resident.

“What we ended up doing was being held hostage to the house, but we were still responsible for paying rent and I was paying rent four months in advance,” said Syringa resident.

Monday night’s forum was hosted by faculty at University of Idaho College of Law. The owner of Syringa has filed for bankruptcy.

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