RV Fire Claims Life of Lewiston Man


A Lewiston man was killed on Sunday after a portable heater ignited a fire in his RV.

Fire Chief Travis Myklebust says fatal fires are rare in Lewiston, but it is common that flammable materials are left too close to portable heaters, the cause in this instance.

Just after 1 P.M. neighbors in the 2800 block of 8th Avenue North noticed large amounts of smoke coming from an RV. Neighbors tried to pry open the locked door until a Nez Perce County deputy managed to open.

Crews from Lewiston and Clarkston's fire departments arrived after a slight delay, because they were initially dispatched to 8th Avenue.

Lewiston fire chief Travis Myklebust says, "Crews arrived there, didn't find anything, and then we were told it was actually 8th Avenue North so we had a delayed response due to an inaccurate address given to our dispatch center. That does happen when emergencies exist sometimes people panic and in our city when there's a north (address), that does make a difference."

While the flames were put out quickly, it was unfortunately too late for the man inside. Fire officials say it appears there were no working smoke alarms in the RV.

As of Monday night, Lewiston police had not released the victim's name.

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