Safe snow driving tips


MOSCOW, ID- Officer Josh Thueson says they've already had weather-related accidents, including a head-on collision, caused by lack of light.

Just twenty-four hours ago a car hit a pedestrian because the driver's windows weren't one-hundred percent defrosted and they couldn't see.

"December statistically in Moscow is our busiest crash month we have our most crashes during that month," Thueson said.

Out in Latah County Sheriff RichIe Skiles tells us the first snow of the year already caused problems.

" The first snow last year brought us about 21 accidents or slide offs on the highway this year the very first little bit of snow we had we ended up with seven," Skiles said.

But there are some basic snow driving tips to remember.

"If you're turning off a main thorough fair onto a side street don't expect the road conditions to be the same on that side street," Thueson said.

Officer Thueson recommends avoiding streets with grades and sticking to main roadways when in the city. If you do start to slide Thueson says, “just maintain you're steering and if that anti-lock brake system allows you to steer while the vehicle is breaking. If you've never had your anti-lock brakes kick in it may give you a little bit of a panic at first because it is somewhat noisy and the brake pedal pulsates."

Also, give yourself a lot of room between your car and the one in front of you.

A good rule of thumb is to stay one car length away at all times but as weather conditions decrease that gap should increase."

"A good idea is one car length for every ten miles an hour," Thueson said.

Even before you drive, plan an extra ten minutes to properly defrost your car.

In case you get stranded. pack snacks, blankets, water and jumper cables or an extra car battery.

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