Saint Maries neighborhood pet killed by Fish and Game


Residents in Saint Maries say a neighborhood pet was senselessly killed by Idaho Fish and Game. The neighborhood pet was a deer that was orphaned. The residents took the doe in, and it became a member of the community.

Residents called the deer many names, but “Baby” was the most popular. But on October 8th, Idaho Fish and Game came out after receiving calls that the animal was attacking children. A game warden came out to resolve the situation.

Mia Suchoski, a resident, says the game warden shot the animal in the nose without asking any questions to other residents.

“She wasn’t an immediate threat. We'll have cougars that'll be sitting on people's porches, and Fish and Game won’t come take care of them, but they get a complaint phone call of a neighborhood pet deer, and they'll come out on an early Sunday morning and euthanize her right away without asking anyone any questions," she says.

Suchoski said Baby was suffering after being shot, so the game warden was forced to fire another shot. The second shot wasn’t enough to put the deer down, and a third shot was needed.

Residents say Baby would never harm anyone in the neighborhood, and that she was well accustomed to and friendly with people. They add killing the neighborhood pet was an extreme overreach.

Suchoski has since reached out to Idaho Fish and Game to learn more about possible refuges for orphaned animals.

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