Salvation Army robbed before fundraiser


When Megan Carroll walked into her work a few days ago, she took a look at the store’s security system.

She's the store manager at the Salvation Army of Moscow.

The non-profit is holding a charity, the Masquerade Ball Fundraiser, on Saturday, and profits are going to the needy in Lewiston and Moscow.

Despite the group trying to lend a helping hand to the area, they were met by a thief.

"I was hurt. We're doing this for the community, and to see someone do that, it really hurt," said Carroll.

The man crawled into the display case, and while inside, took a bear rug. When he was done, he left the display and left the store with rug in hand.

The rug was meant to be auctioned off anywhere from a hundred to three hundred dollars, which would go towards helping others.

"It limits that many more people we can help, and that's the whole reason we're doing this, so we don’t have to turn anyone away,” said Carroll. “And by doing this, it essentially just takes away from the community,"

The crook came back into the Salvation Army Wednesday, and the police were called.

Police escorted the man off the property and told him never to come back.

Police said the man has a history of this type of behavior, and he was likely back to steal again.

But even through all of that, the auction will move on.

"It's going to be so much fun," Carroll said.

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