Same-sex marriage supporters peacefully demonstrate outside Latah Co. Courthouse

MOSCOW, ID - Gay and lesbian couples can't legally marry in Idaho yet, but same-sex couples in Latah County aren't losing hope.

Same-sex marriage advocates gathered outside the Latah County Courthouse Friday morning to peacefully demonstrate their support for the lift of Idaho's same-sex marriage ban. They weren't able to apply for marriage licenses like they had hoped, but people gathered and ate cake anyway to celebrate the recent steps toward in lifting the ban.

"You know, this is an important issue," said Moscow Resident Katherine Sprague. "It impacts everyone. We have friends who are sobbing today. Our family is disappointed. This is not just about the couples, this is about their entire support network. This is important to people."

Sprague said she's waited for over 20 years to make her marriage legal in her home state, and she's prepared to wait a little longer. She said her and her partner are eagerly awaiting the day they can obtain a Latah County marriage license because they want the guarantees that come with that piece of paper.
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