Santa visits Pullman early


    PULLMAN, WA-The holidays are just around the corner and Santa is visiting Pullman early this year.

    He's been making nightly appearances in different neighborhoods checking in on who's been naughty and nice.

    Santa Claus has been coming to town for nearly sixty years with the help of the Pullman Lions Club.

    "Giving candy to kids around town for the past sixty years has brought so much joy the sparkle in the children's eye young and old is something everyone has to experience," Santa said.

    But this is about more than a celebrating a holiday.

    It's a community tradition.

    "Watching people of all nationalities whether it's on the university or through the community having them be able to see and show some of that Christmas spirit throughout a little but early is great.

    You get a lot of people that have never experienced Christmas before or Santa Claus before," said Santa.

    Santa will be in Pullman until December 13 before he heads back to the north pole to prepare to travel all over the world.

    Just because Santa is visiting early doesn't mean he won't be back on Christmas eve to deliver presents.

    Santa will make on last stop on Military Hill in Pullman on Thursday December 13th at 5:30 p.m.

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