SCAM ALERT: Idaho AG warns residents of scheme involving official looking tax document

    (Photo, Office of Idaho Attorney General)

    A woman in Nampa contacted authorities after she got something in the mail claiming she owed over fifteen thousand dollars in income taxes to the state of Idaho.

    The fake document was labeled “Notice of Default Pending Execution,” had two unofficial state seals, had a false return address to a Tax Processing Center in Nampa and was made to look like it came from the Canyon County Court House.

    (Photo, Office of Idaho Attorney General)

    Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says this scam is “particularly concerning because of how official the mailing looks” and urged all Idahoans to double check the status of their state taxes with the State Tax Commission.

    Wasden says all Idahoans should double check any tax documents they receive with the State Tax Commission by calling toll free at 1-800-972-7660.

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