School Walkout, Repercussions?

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Schools across the country are planning on walking out of class tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to show their support and urge congress to pass gun reform. But while many around the nation are spending time outside of class, Clarkston High School students have agreed to something different.

Bantam students will instead be holding a closed door, student only assembly. No teachers or school staff will be present. School Principal Doug LaMunyan said the assembly will focus primarily on what students can do to spread their message, and to help stop gun violence at schools. Principal LaMunyan also said there will be a planned, educational walk out at the high school, but he didn’t specify when.

Among the schools participating in our area are Lewiston High School, McGhee Elementary School, and Lincoln Middle School. Some students might be wondering, will there be a consequence from administration if they choose to participate? The short answer from the Clarkston School District is no, but that’s only with certain conditions. Superintendent Tim Winter said as long as students who participate aren’t disturbing school activities, and they return back to class after the 17-minute walk out ends, there will be no issues. He said even though this is a national event, students cannot be disrupting the purpose of a school.

“We really value the learning environment, so we’re working with our students to be as least disruptfull as possible, and as respectful to the learning process,” explained Winter. “But we want to support them, so they choose to walk out, we will find ways to support them in that process.”

As for schools in Lewiston, it’s much of the same. District officials said they don’t necessarily support students leaving class, but as long as they are civil and aren’t disruptive, there won’t be action taken against them.

“Our biggest concern is that we continue to have a safe and orderly campus, and that we protect the instruction time as much as possible,” said Kimberly Eimers, Lewiston Schools Director of Student Services. “We don’t have a blanket directive at this point, and we have no plan to.”

The walkouts at Lewiston High School, McGhee Elementary School, and Lincoln Middle School will start at 10:00 AM. It will last for 17-minutes in honor of the 17 students killed at the school shooting exactly a month ago in Parkland, Florida.

Clarkston School Superintendent Tim Winter sent a letter to every principal in the district. At the bottom of the letter he wrote, ‘This is bigger than school violence. It starts with how we treat each other on a daily basis. School safety is a community issue that calls us to come together and take the appropriate actions that make sure our schools are safe.’

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