Shoemaker sentenced to maximum prison term

LEWISTON, ID - A Lewiston man was sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison Thursday in 2nd District Court.

Darren Shoemaker, 50, was charged with multiple counts of rape and pleaded guilty to one felony count of sexual battery to a minor as part of a Rule 11 agreement. Shoemaker addressed the court to say that he was ready to accept his punishment.

"If I need to go to jail, or whatever you decide," said Shoemaker. "I just want to be done with it and have everybody move on with their lives as best they can."

According to court documents, Shoemaker allegedly raped a woman under the age of 17 in 2009. However, per the agreement, the five counts of rape were dismissed.

The court imposed that Shoemaker serve a three to eight year prison sentence, with the court retaining jurisdiction in the rider program.
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