Sign Up to Drive 4 UR School


Joe Hall Ford is partnering with local DECA students to give test drives for a good cause.

During the 7th annual Drive 4 UR School event on Sunday, September 23rd, one test drive equals $20 for Lewiston and Clarkston DECA students.

Over the last six years, the two chapters have earned $50,000.

Around 300 test drives are expected to be completed between 9 AM and 4 PM Sunday, and while the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars for their chapter is a big driver, this is also a way for DECA members to put what they've learned to the test.

"This is a live business venture," Clarkston junior Nicholas Noland says. "It's basically a real-world situation so we use Facebook ads, our social media, and also our DECA students to sign up drivers. Just been really beneficial for both chapters to have a chance to raise money and also collaborate with each other."

"This project gives us a really good opportunity to actually see what it is in the real-life world to actually work with a business," senior Matthew McPeak says. "Plan and operate, work with social media, work with people face to face. It gives us a better opporunity to actually prepare for the future."

You can sign up to test drive one of ten Ford vehicles with no obligation to buy. Sign ups can be found on the Clarkston High School DECA Facebook page.

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