Sinkhole opens up in front yard of Lewiston house shocking homeowner

sinkhole pic.jpg

LEWISTON, ID-In Lewiston, it’s not something you expect to find in your front yard. Norman Rogers said he’s been working in his yard lately, but didn’t do anything to trigger a sinkhole.

“And there was a huge hole in the yard I was just shocked, Rogers said. “I grabbed chairs and set them all around so nobody would fall in.”

Rogers home is on the corner of 4th and 17th street in Lewiston. His was the only home reported in that area with a sinkhole.

He estimates the sinkhole is about 10 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep. When you look inside there are no visible water lines but only tree roots.

Roger's whose lived there for years said he remembers there being a landfill near his home and believes that's what caused it.

Rogers said he called the City of Lewiston right away and someone came out and barricaded the sinkhole.

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