Some volunteers think Nightmare on Grelle house is actually haunted

LEWISTON, ID - A local haunted house is getting rave reviews after it's grand opening last weekend.

It's a sight to see from the outside. The Nightmare on Grelle takes place in an old broken down building, that locals said is haunted. However skeptics need only talk to Shane Harrington. He's a committee member for the haunted house but more importantly he used to work the night shift back in the 80's when it was still a working business.

"It was Neva's retirement facility and we took care of the older folks that were here and that stayed here and were residents," said Harrington.

After hearing that the building was going to be turned into a haunted house, Harrington knew he had to volunteer because of the all things he'd seen while working at the old Neva's.

"There's definitely some really weird things in this building as you walk through it," said Harrington. "I don't like coming in it by myself, I'll admit."

Haunted or not, this event is bringing in a lot of customers and attention from the community. The creator and owner of the property Karen Kelly said eight years ago she decided to buy the building out of impulse. The idea to make it into a haunted house came to her four years later when having drinks with friends.

"Thought about the haunt, and kind of came up with some concepts and some ideas for the haunt, and here it is I'm making it happen," said Kelly.

Last weekend was the first time the Nightmare on Grelle opened it's doors and it drew in more than 1,500 people.

While there are no age restrictions for The Nightmare on Grelle, they're suggesting kids 12 and under, come with an adult.

"We're committed to having this haunt, minimum of five years," said Kelly. "We have a lot of passionate people about it and making it happen and keeping it going."

The actors and sponsors are all volunteers from the community who have made the haunting come to life. As far as actual ghosts who might live in the building, Harrington said he doesn't think the event is disturbing the peace.

"I think we're making it more home-y for them, quite honestly I don't know if we're disrupting them at all," said Harrington.

If the Nightmare on Grelle makes enough money after paying for what it takes to run the place for the month of October, they'll donate proceeds to the LCSC Baseball team and the Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter.

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