Special crossing guards in Moscow protect students, drivers


A local group is helping keep the streets of Moscow safe.

Citizens for a Livable Community is a community wellness group.

Members were out in front of schools Tuesday, including Moscow High School, to remind drivers to slow down and watch out for kids and bikes.

Becker Gutsch is a member of that group and her job on that day was to get cars around schools to slow down and watch out.

"We just want to remind people that this is a transition," she explained, "We're back to school, and students are going to be wandering through, and sometimes not watching for cars, so the cars have to watch for them."

Their method of slowing people down is to wear bright yellow vests and wave giant signs to get drivers attention.

"I think people catch more attention than a fixed sign," she said. "And I'm waving that sign like crazy they can't miss it."

One reason for getting people to slow down is a new study released by the Governor's Highway Safety Association. The study found that idaho pedestrian deaths are up 250% from last year. It also found that a bicyclist or pedestrian is seriously injured or killed on Idaho roads every three days.

"That's a pretty high number for a state this low in population," Gutsch said.

The CLC wants to make sure that a Moscow area student doesn’t become a statistic.

That's why the signs are out in school zones.

The group has plans to stay around too.

"We'll be here on special occasions, like this one, and we'll be deciding that through the school year of which times we will be present when there's high traffic volumes," she said.

The CLC's plan seemed to have worked on that first day of school: no injuries were reported at any Moscow-area schools.

And although the CLC won't be out every day, Becker Gutsch said that they'll be out often to watch out for students.

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