State mobilization activated: Wildland fires burning in Garfield County


In Garfield county, two fires burning at the same time calls for state mobilization.

The Hill Complex Fire ignited in Pomeroy around 3:00 p.m. Sunday. When it started Garfield County Fire was already battling the other fire on Knotgrass Road. They called in other local fire districts for mutual aid, then at 5:00 p.m. activated state mobilization.

Fire officials said it was caused by faulty electrical wiring and was threatening 20 homes, that's when a witness stepped into action to help save her home... And the others nearby. 10-year-old Georgia Faith Willet was the first to call 911, "I was scared that it was going to hit my house, and I was like I need to call 911 but should I, and my dad was like, yeah call 911, and then I called them. I feel pretty good I feel sort of like a hero because I saved the park," she said.

The Hill Complex Fire burned around 30 acres, and the fire on Knotgrass Road burned 150 acres. Fire officials say no homes were damaged but a crane truck was destroyed.

The cause of the fire on Knotgrass Road is still under investigation.

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