Sunshine Disposal swaps yard waste recycle bins

Sunshine Disposal & Recycling replaces yard waste bins.

The City of Lewiston said it has received hundreds of calls from people asking questions about new recycling bins.

Public Information Officer Carol Maurer said the bins that were put in place about a month ago have defects.

Those defects cause anything like wheels to fall off, lids unable to be opened or closed, and even the whole bin cracking in half.

Sunshine Disposal & Recycling is rolling out new bins to everyone who’s been effected.

"If you receive a new bin, simply place that one out with the one you already have on your normal pickup day, and Sunshine Disposal will remove the defective one,” Maurer said. “The implementation of these new carts and the removal of your old carts, there is no charge to you whatsoever."

Maurer said over half the city could have defective bins. She said any questions should be directed to Sunshine Disposal & Recycling. That number is (208) 743-4075.

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