The Blue Lady ghost of Morgans' Alley

Lewiston artist Carmelita Nedrow's pastel painting of "The Blue Lady" of Morgans' Alley as described by a medium. Courtesy: Garry Bush.

For nearly 12 years, local ghost tour guide Garry Bush has taking folks around Lewiston's Historic District to talk about the rich history of our city.

He says every location is also active with paranormal activity, like Morgans' Alley located at 301 Main Street.

"People react to something that's here," he explained.

The building takes you back in time to the wake of the Gold Rush of 1861.

According to Bush, there's a spirit that's never left.

"She appears to the audience," he said. "I can't see her but she walks past me on the staircase."

He said when that happens, the people on the tour are distracted and he can see their eyes following something that goes up the stairs, past Garry.

"She" is known as the Blue Lady. She is always said to be dressed in a late 19th Century blue gown, with her blonde locks of curls neatly arranged around her face. Garry said she has been seen for decades.

He also shared pictures with KLEW News from folks who have taken the tour over the years. One picture shows a white streak in the foreground underneath a woman's hand after she asked the Blue Lady to appear. Another picture captured a blue mist hovering above people. And then, there are eyewitnesses.

A former janitor reported seeing a blue gown twirling around the orchid room when he'd play music.

And in the women's bathroom on the first floor, some report seeing the Blue Lady staring back at them in the mirror.

Garry has also seen that reaction. "I've experienced those people who went into the ladies bathroom and came back out white with their eyes really big and had just experienced her."

But who is this Blue Lady? According to a medium who took Garry's tour, Garry said the Blue Lady was a deeply religious woman. The name 'Spalding' came also up. The medium believed the woman had married into the Spalding family.

In 1839, prominent Presbyterian missionaries Henry and Eliza Spalding settled in Lawpwai from the East Coast.

Garry's research did uncover a 'Mary Spalding' who lived in the Lewis Clark Valley during that same time. "She was a campaigner, a do-gooder, a christian lady who was not happy with what was happening," he said.

What was happening at the time in Morgans' Alley was something that was common: the facility used to be a saloon and gentleman's club. Upstairs is where the 'Soiled Doves' or prostitutes would entertain. Back then prostitution was legal.

"What we believe is that she died before the brothels were closed," he speculated. "And so she stuck around to see it through."

In all his years of giving this tour, Garry believes the Blue Lady speaks to him through his audience. That's because, independently of each other, the messages people on the tour get are the same: the Blue Lady loves his tours and attends each one.

But in his nearly 12 years of giving these tours, he has never seen the Blue Lady himself. That is, until the weekend of October 20, 2018. Garry said he was talking with one of the people on his tour on the first floor when they noticed something at the top of the stairs.

"Out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving back and forth," he said. "But when I looked in that direction I didn't see anything."

He leaves that incident just as it is: movement out of the corner of his eye. As far as a full-bodied apparition, Garry said the Blue Lady has already explained the answer to him through various people and even a medium.

"And the answer over the years is: I don't have to see her because I believe in her," he said with a smile.

There is no confirmation if the Blue Lady is Mary Spalding, but Garry said whoever she is, she is a kind spirit who watches over Morgans' Alley.

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